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Why is Rhythm of Beauty Training different and what is seasonal skincare?

We have mirrored our skincare line to that of the seasons, for we too are cyclical beings, whose energy ebbs and flows alongside the seasons. Our skin cells renew every 28 days, it is a continuous process of elimination and renewal as it journeys through the seasons. We need to understand and attune our skin and life force to the bigger picture, which is governed by the elements:

WINTER-Water –Retreat
AUTUMN-Earth-Balance and Nourish

These seasons and elements are entwined into our innate nature; our emotional and physical well-being thrives when aligned to leaving in rhythm, known as ‘The Flow’. Our skin is the main organ that reflects our health and wellbeing, and is a mirror of our connection to mother earth.



Winter, Water,  Release and Retreat Alignment

Spring, Wood,  Purify and Awaken Alignment

Summer, Fire, Transformational Alignment

Autumn, Earth,  Nourishing and Grounding Alignment

Seasonal Alignments
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Rhythm of Beauty Therapist Training providing you with a holistic business that nurtures you too.

At Rhythm of Beauty, our passion is to support compassionate, heart-centred therapists and help you develop your business into a successful, grounding and inspiring enterprise that is a joy to work in.

Rhythm of Beauty products and treatments revolutionise the beauty industry because our unique approach means that feeling exhausted after clients or burnt out, no longer happens. The mindful and nurturing support that we give you empowers you to keep on giving to your clients and doing what you love.

Our Motto: “let the beauty of what you love, be what you do”!!! (rumi)

We train and support therapists, wellness coaches, yogis and nurses who are working in beauty, massage, aromatherapy, reflexology and holistic healing at our Rhythm of Beauty Holistic Centre, so that you can unlock the beauty of the earth for your clients, using our unique, seasonal products and lifestyle training, that helps you to develop your business that nurtures you too. It doesn’t matter what discipline you work in, all we ask is that you have a professional qualification or are currently training.

To meet certification requirements, students must complete the whole year of seasonal training , complete the 4 seasonal alignments and nutritional training as taught in the course, and satisfactorily complete the required assignment after each seasonal retreat . The course requirements are in place to help round out your education, ensure the highest integrity of the Rhythm of Beauty Graduates and bring you to a high level of professional competency.


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Here’s a flavour of the benefits of becoming a Rhythm of Beauty Therapist:

“Louise empowers you through her teaching to believe in yourself and your own innate skills -she gives you the tools to unlock these. It was a powerful journey being attuned to the summer and aligning. I feel I’ve found my mentor and I am excited about the future and being a Rhythm of Beauty Therapist”
- Sadie Pickering, The Yard Lifestyle, Alderley Edge


How becoming a Rhythm of Beauty Therapist benefits and supports you:

• Complement your practice with seasonal, organic, natural and holistic products and bespoke treatments
• Enjoy a generous 35% discount on all Rhythm of Beauty branded products, giving you sales opportunities with clients and healthy profit margins for your business
• Benefit from our continuous support so that you are always able to provide nurturing treatments for your clients
• Join our exclusive Rhythm of Beauty Coach Facebook  where we share our experiences, top tips and advice

. Receive discount price to our seasonal retreats
• No expensive capital outlay on products
• Easy ordering and quick delivery
• Private mentoring – 30 min  guided session each season
• Post-graduate training
• Your business listed on the Rhythm of Beauty Therapists & Salons directory/website..

If you would like to find out more about becoming a Rhythm of Beauty Therapist and how our products, treatments and training can support and nurture your own holistic approach to health and wellbeing, please get in touch for an informal chat or for details about the next training events. Come and join us – we’d love to hear from you!