Rhythm of Beauty

Flower Essences

Flower Essences

Nature is beauty and it has it’s own rhythm.
Expand your senses and drink in the Beauty of Nature with our Flower Essences.

Flowers are a gift –they are all unique like us, and offer us so many virtues, beauty, love, protection, nourishment, and abundance are just a few.

Through this divine process, we can use flower essences to speak its profound language of nature to work with our emotions, thoughts & bodies to provide wellbeing & transformation.

All our essences are gathered by hand, seasonally and with deep reverence. We only use spring water in which each flower or plant is infused using both the sun and the moon as our guiding light. Using this divine light ensures that our essences are imbued with the celestial energies of both the divine feminine (moon) and the divine masculine (sun).