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Living Nutrition

Living Nutrition

“The food you eat can be either the safest and most powerful form of medicine or the slowest form of poison.” 
- Ann Wigmore

I have been an accredited nutritionist for 20 year.  my professional development has weaved a path that includes working with Patrick Holford in Optimum Nutrition; 5 Element nutrition with chef and author Mary Lane; a raw food workshop with the raw food goddess Marketa Bola and hosting Rhythm of Beauty Seasonal alignments alongside Food expert Mimi Kirk’s retreats in Mallorca, ‘Young On raw’. I’m currently extending my knowledge with a year’s diploma in Living Nutrition with the College of Living Nutrition. You can read more about my journey here.

My parents gave me a strong foundation in seasonal nutrition. My late father always acknowledged my passion for nutrition. I didn’t see it as just food, but a form of medicine.  I would create weird concoctions which provided much family amusement. I was also lucky enough to draw inspiration from my mother who grows her own vegetables and fruits and is an inspirational gardener and cook.

Every day is a new opportunity to build a new body, so why not start today?

The Way I Work

Food is simply our body’s fuel and the quantity and quality we consume has a dramatic effect on our energy, health and beauty. 

Did you know that our skin cell turnover is approx. 28 days and our liver renews itself, becoming like new again, in around 6 weeks our lungs renew in just 2-3 weeks and our stomach just 5 days. The body’s innate natural cycle is amazing…

This also shows us that we are what we eat, and that almost every cell in our body eventually dies and is replaced by new cells from the food that we consume.

I work by aligning to the seasons and cycles of nature which are reflected within the body. I ground this seasonal approach into my nutritional consultations which yield life changing, and in some cases, lifesaving results

Choosing A Nutritionist That Understands You Can Be Challenging:

My journey has never been about dieting or restriction in any way. My focus is about understanding the person and their lifestyle. Reviewing  what they want to achieve and giving them the keys to unlock the health, vitality, and joy they desire in an easy and mindful way.

I don’t like to add labels to any nutritional programmer like ‘clean food’ & don’t believe that simply being vegan, vegetarian, clean or gluten free will solve all ills. We are all different and one size cannot fit all. Finding the best nutrition for you must include your sex, age, lifestyle and general health will also work seasonally. As the seasons change so does our body and energy and we need to tweak our nutrition to align to the energy of the earth. 

I will work with you to devise a nutritional programme that is bespoke and only about you and your path, without judgement or competition

The path we take will support your: 

Alkaline Balance

 Gut Health

Immune Health

Balancing Blood Sugar Levels

Healthy Sleep

Brain Health- Mood, Depression, and anxiety

Endocrine Health –Balance Hormones

Skin Health - Our skin is the first barrier of protection for our immune system



This is integrated with fine tuning your body wisdom, intuition on a cellular level  with plant medicine and simply a more positive approach to  tend  to your ‘inner gardens’ and looking within to examine what supports us and what harms us.

Living Nutrition
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