Rhythm of Beauty
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Know Thyself

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 Rhythm of Beauty Seasonal and Celestial Soulful Living 



Through our intuitive multi award winning flower and plant medicine we integrate the earth, fire, water and spirit  of each season  that creates a sacred space for true nourishment, beauty and  awakening. This is a soulful path that translates the language from mother earth in to a well-being  journey  that brings alignment through the seasons and cycles of Life - Gifting you soul affirming daily rituals that do not compromise your health,lifestyle or the earth.

Rhythm of Beauty

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Love Louise (founder) 


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A journey of awakening to the blessings of Mother Earth – treasures and gifts to share – reconnecting with nature.

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Flourish is the name given to the lifestyle workshops and classes here at Rhythm of Beauty.

A big thank you to everyone who voted.

A big thank you to everyone who voted.