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My Story

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'Rhythm of Beauty' has been a personal journey. As a holistic health therapist, teacher, mentor, mother to 3 young boys and wife to my husband Tom -I experienced near burn out first hand, through running a thriving skincare clinic and holistic health salon for 8 years whilst juggling life, raising children, moving house and renovating 2 huge house projects -also experiencing the bereavement of one of my parents - I was completely exhausted and had fallen into the role of the 'rescuer'.

Having worked at a huge skincare house for a long time, the clinic began to add parabens to their skincare, which was completely against all my beliefs - this led me to experiment and create my first range of skincare called 'Delicate Pleasures'.
Through this time my sanctuary was always nature, in particular flowers and herbs which taught me so much wisdom and I often had certain flowers coming to me in my dreams or simply calling me in the garden to work with them - through this journey I learnt the language of the heart from the flowers, this, in turn, grounded my own health and wellbeing through the seasons through seasonal nutrition. I soon realised that I had to take clients through this process to overhaul their lifestyle and empower their relationship with food. This quickly became clear to me as a whole complete experience as I was seeing first-hand the magical alignments women were having through my skincare rituals and nutritional programs. This was divine nourishment at play and I was given the name 'Rhythm of Beauty'. This unique process takes women back to their 'true' nature-aligning to the seasons which is a truly wild and raw feminine unravelling of skin-soul experience.

This is now a certified teaching program that is rolled out internationally to women around the world to use multi-award-wining Rhythm of Beauty, either as a personal or professional journey. 

- Louise BSc Hons-ITEC complimentary medicine/


"My vision has been to translate the English Seasons into a holistic and organic skincare brand using the signature of each season's botanicals to work in synergy with the body and put back what nature and our lifestyles take away. A skincare collection that works with the emotional and physical symptoms of the body, bringing you balance and harmony, Beauty and Grace - Naturally."

Rhythm Of Beauty

Founded by Louise Allen

Over 20 years of experience has enabled Louise to powerfully combine the elements of her degree in Bsc Hons Psychology and her studies in  beauty, aromatherapy, herbalism, nutrition, anthropology and psychology to holistically focus on becoming whole again, living aligned to true identity, inquiring deeply within oneself and bringing true self to the surface for all to see, LIVING in-tune, with own unique purpose.

A journey of awakening to the blessings of Mother Earth – treasures and gifts to share – reconnecting with nature, opening the heart and soul and lovingly aligning to self and true purpose…

Louise’s innate wisdom and presence is a unique and rare gift, instantly apparent, as she expertly guides you to take the steps to a life that you deserve.

Her intuitive nature promotes comfort from deep within, lighting the shadows and bringing forth a purity to gently break down barriers and begin the journey back to self. With an open heart she delivers with grace, a compassionate approach to self love and alignment with self.

Louise’s passion is in teaching and inspiring others to align to the life they deserve. Louise’s family and her life as a busy Mother to three beautiful boys provide a constant source of love and inspiration for her work with others.


Her seasonal range of products are gifted from nature, sourced with care and offered with sincerity. Skincare infused with living botanicals, oils, and tinctures that truly feed the soul. Working with the seasons, Louise captures the essences of the flowers to feed the cells with phyto nutrients,  antioxidants and skin omegas to optimally balance all skin types.

The beauty of her products is in the depth of their relationship with nature – not only do they work wonders on the skin, they are created so purely that they reach much deeper, working on an emotional and spiritual level – infusions of nature that literally touch the heart and the soul.

Louise loves to spend as much time as possible in her garden, her sacred and creative space…..it is quite normal to see her running outside in all weathers, to retrieve an essence bottle or flower that has called out to her from the beauty of the flower and herb gardens, surrounded by the woodlands and the purity of the stream, running through the gardens.
Her experience has discovered that the power of purification is heightened at a new moon, whereas it is at the full moon, that the potential for the body’s innate wellness, receptivity and nourishment is magnified. Working in harmony with the moon in this way, is truly aligning to powerful wellbeing.


Sacred Space

Louise focuses on empowering health with the abundant blessings from nature, blending her experiences and learning, into bespoke products, one-to-one retreat days and teaching programmers – all with the aim of nurturing beauty, lifestyle and soul.

Working with Louise, it becomes possible to reconnect to the ‘sacred space’ within ourselves. Her grounding presence offers a trusting and safe space to begin to explore deep transformation within yourself and to reach the power and gifts of the divine feminine, so easily buried, in a world where masculine is often seen to lead. This ‘unlocking’ is the re-connection to the true feminine principles within us all – receptivity, gentleness and stillness. Accessing this internal power, with the gentleness that it is, strikes the AWAKENING of our soul – TRUE beauty from within, confidently projected outwards, the wisdom of knowing who you are, fearlessly shining your own light for all to see and being alive in the loving energy of owning your truth…

‘There is nothing if you cannot be yourself… when you are completely yourself, you are simply the most attractive’

Rhythm of Beauty supports your journey through the year with celestial and seasonal wellbeing circles and retreats.

If you would like to become a Rhythm of Beauty Retreat Coach  Click here to find out more.

“ Flowers sing in whispers,
That gentle soothe our soul,
Reminding us of gentleness,
And love that makes us whole.”