Welcome to Rhythm of Beauty…

Rhythm of Beauty was born from a desire to create beautiful skin care that translates the secrets of nature into living products that work in harmony with our skin and well-being.

Rhythm of Beauty is a unique translation of the secrets of nature into a seasonal, holistic and living skincare experience that works with your body & wellbeing.

Created by Louise Allen, an holistic professional with many years of experience, Rhythm of Beauty combines seasonal, natural flower & plant essences, harvested by hand with the natural moon cycle, to harness the pure life force of nature and the Earth to bring you vitality, wellbeing and beauty from within. You can read some of Louise at Rhythm of Beauty’s Testimonials here.

You can experience Rhythm of Beauty in three different ways.

Become a Rhythm of Beauty therapist.

You may already be an holistic or beauty therapist who is lost, unhappy with the products you use or who wants to support you & your clients at a deeper level. We train and support hand picked therapists at our Rhythm of Beauty holistic centre so that you can unlock the beauty of the Earth for your clients using our unique, seasonal products and lifestyle training while providing you with a business that nurtures you too.

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Experience our revolutionary skincare at home.

You can buy our seasonal preparations, skin care and candles online in our shop to begin your journey of beautiful self-care and nourishment.

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Bespoke consultation.

Join Louise to uncover your journey of seasonal, natural beauty to a new path of wellbeing and self-care. Louise will work with you one to one to create your own bespoke products and provide an holistic approach to your skincare, wellbeing, nutrition and your connection to the earth.

Your Bespoke Skincare