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Yellow Winter Jasmine Flower Essence

Yellow Winter Jasmine Flower Essence


Allow yellow jasmine  to help the descent into winter and banish the feelings of the winter blues. This divine little flower fills the body with bright light and purity which radiates out like love-loving us into awareness of what our body needs as we cycle through the darkest time of the year. Her essence is like unlocking the key into the divine feminine realm of the pure magic that is found in the yin of winter .Her medicine is uplifting and light. Infusing her into a face cream brightens the complexion and imbues radiance. Alternatively use in a mister to spray the skin or aura to clear away winter blues and the need to do-Her signature will help your slow down and integrate more winter ritual into your life, thus allowing the energy to return from the  outside of you to a retreat within.

Sold as 30ml
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