Rhythm of Beauty


Magnolia Flower Essence

Magnolia Flower Essence


The Magnolia Flower Essence embodies a triple fold expansive energy.

The magnolia essence carries the energy of the Queen archetype this is beyond the triple goddess.

This energy of the magnolia essence is majestic, divine and powerful that comes from the roots of mother love and compassion.

It helps one to integrate a different approach to living. Offering a true connection to stillness and self-care, for these are the real majestic treasures we owe ourselves as women.

To walk the path of The Magnolia Queen is an intrinsic art of the divine feminine soul.

Allow this Magnolia Essence to activate your connection to the divine feminine rhythm.

Embody stillness

Connect into the sensation of your body

Live from being not doing

Own your worth

Live in your Beauty

Live in Gratitude

This essence is recommended for a deeper connection to the divine feminine path- its a first kit for self-love and beauty that has been missing from your life-wear your crown with pride.

Sold as 30ml
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