Rhythm of Beauty


Lungwort Flower Essence

Lungwort Flower Essence


Lungwort (Pulmonaria) Flower Essence brings us a flower companion for breath work, re-birthing, meditation and yoga practices.

The Light from these pretty little bell shaped flowers, bring an ethereal presence- a deep reassurance that takes you back to your inner child- like a delight in seeing a butterfly flutter, and a snowflake glisten, it brings us back to magic, which is only individual to usÖwhere will she take you?

As her bright light is ingested, a powerful cleanse is felt instantly. A nourishing and sustaining breath of life is born- old memories , old patterning may fleet in and out as you inhale and exhale with a deeper resonance to the power of the breath.

Do you pay attention to your breathe? What is itís rhythm telling you? Do you allow your breathe to inhale all what it needs? Is the exchange smooth, and effortless, or is it forced, and short?

It is through our lungs that we receive the breathe of life, the simple rhythm of inhale and exhale give us the opportunity to increase our energy, decrease stress, and aid relaxation and release from our bodies all that is no longer needed.

Let this essence bring an awareness to your sacred breathe, and an deeper meaning to inner connectiveness.

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