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Buddleia Flower Essence

Buddleia Flower Essence


This essence offers an infusion of angelic tones from violet and indigo to purple.

Allowing healing and transformation as old dense energies are transmuted and cleared.

This essence is a gift back to yourself. A gift of true authenticity and encouragement to help you to move out of the way of your physical-self, to allow goddess/pure energy to guide you and lead you into your next phase of development along your journey.

This essence offers you the support and courage to find your wings, embrace your lightness, for this is where your power will be discovered to raise you up into your next experience of life.

Ideal for use at times of change, at a crossroads, or within relationships, or as a tool to support you to embrace a new way of life, as this essence lifts the heavy load and fills you with the sweetness of trusting the universal flow.

As you use this essence you will sense a grace that settles upon you just like the butterfly effect.

Sold as 30ml
Apple Brandy Base
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