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Summer Botanical Alignment Training £350

  • Rhythm of Beauty Retreat Ashbourne Nether Lane Derby, DE6 3FL United Kingdom (map)

Rhythm of Beauty offers you a range of products that embody the seasons in England.

Our products are derived from mother earth
Wild crafted, Natural and Organic flowers, herbs, essences are selected for their innate healing qualities and are collected and picked around the full moon for intensity and superior healing benefits.

What Rhythm of Beauty products can offer you and your customers?
A bespoke health and beauty experience
Alignment to the seasons
Skin-soul nourishment
Improvement of skin and well-being
Improved energy and vitality
Empowerment of health- through seasonal nutrition
Overall lifestyle advice and nutritional guidance

Working with Rhythm of Beauty
Rhythm of Beauty training gives you the opportunity to work holistically and seasonally with flowers, herbs and plants, combining their attributes in synergy with essential oils, essences and crystals-Deepening your journey as a therapist in a safe and grounded way.
Our approach to beauty is very holistic, not only in the terms of mind, body and soul, which we have embodied for years, but also in terms of the continuous quality of service we provide to all our customers- and you will be trusted to maintain this positive flow.

At Rhythm of Beauty, our passion is to support compassionate, heart-centred therapists and help you
develop your business into a successful, grounding and inspiring enterprise that is a joy to work in.


“Rhythm of Beauty Training is nothing like standard training days. I come away on a high after covering so much: self-love, nutrition,
products and healing. I like the meditation best at the beginning of the training because it brings the reason we are gathered together and
training into perspective before we start. Louise is a fantastic healer and cares for us all
individually” Jeannie Tan

“The training is like a spa day. It feels like it’s time for you, not really training or like work at all! It’s so relaxed and it helps you to see
that you deserve a special day, you see yourself as worthy and deserving to be pampered.” Julie Ottewell Salon

Spring Training aligns you to the rhythm of new beginnings, clarity and growth. It is a wonderful time to commence purification as we teach the medicine for Spring Well-being for therapists and clients to align emotionally, physically, spiritually and mentally to begin a brand new cycle.

DEBUT -Rhythm Of Beauty Seasonal Retreat Training (£350) Introduction and relevant season
DEBUT 2 Rhythm of Beauty Seasonal Retreat Training (200) – One seasonal training day


“I started using Rhythm of Beauty products when I was unhappy with another range I had been using for a long time. My rosacea was
flaring up and I felt overloaded. Louise’s personal approach and intuitiveness really helped me and my rosacea disappeared.“ Jeannie Tan Qi Therapies.

“One client had psoriasis really badly and now that she uses Rhythm of Beauty products her skin is so much better” Julie Ottewell Salon

Rhythm of Beauty provides seasonal training that enables therapists to support clients at a deeper level.
The natural, organic and effective products combined with lifestyle and nutrition training enables therapists
to nurture their clients, while feeling grounded, supported and nurtured themselves.

“I like the way Rhythm of Beauty works with each season because this is a great way to support people at different times of year.” Jeannie Tan Qi Therapies

“I love the idea of using ingredients that are appropriate for the season combined with the right foods and lifestyles.” Natasha Restrick Holistic Aromatheraist

“Nutrition helps me and I incorporate nutritional advice for my clients whilst we are talking about what is best to eat during the current
season” Jeannie Tan Qi Therapies

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Phone: +44  1335370272

Online Summer Training coming soon to our website

Later Event: June 24
Summer Solstice Retreat £100