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Winter Botanical Alignment Training -Retreat & Release

Why is Rhythm of Beauty Training different and what is seasonal skincare?

We have mirrored our skincare line to that of the seasons, for we too are cyclical beings, whose energy ebbs and flows alongside the seasons. Our skin cells renew every 28 days, it is a continuous process of elimination and renewal as it journeys through the seasons. We need to understand and attune our skin and life force to the bigger picture, which is governed by the elements:

WINTER-Water –Retreat and Release
AUTUMN-Earth-Balance and Nourish

These seasons and elements are entwined into our innate nature; our emotional and physical well-being thrives when aligned to leaving in rhythm, known as ‘The Flow’. Our skin is the main organ that reflects our health and wellbeing, and is a mirror of our connection to mother earth.

This winter training is certified training to be integrated into a professional practice, you will learn the rhythm of beauty protocol, practice flower essence therapy, seasonal nutrition, shell therapy, facial and massage techinques to be able to qualify in our 'release and retreat alignment ' that is copyright to Louise Allen founder of Rhythm of Beauty.

if you would like to change your life and change your practice -please email louiserhythmofbeauty@gmail.com to apply for your place.

Earlier Event: September 27
Rhythm of Beauty Reiki Degree One £300
Later Event: January 24
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